Medication Management


What is “Medication Management Services”?

Medication Management Services helps individuals find safe, effective, and cost-effective medications to reduce or manage symptoms of mental illness. Medication Management Services includes prescription, dose adjustments, and review of medication.  Medication management appointments are typically scheduled every 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the course of treatment.

How Can I Access This Service for either Myself or a Loved One?

To access Medication Management Services, please call to schedule an appointment at (208) 359-4840 during office hours. A written diagnostic assessment completed by a licensed therapist within the last 12 months is required for review by our doctor prior to your first medication management appointment.  If you’ve had a diagnostic assessment completed recently, please give us the name and contact information of the therapist and we will request a copy of the assessment prior to your first appointment. If you have not had a diagnostic assessment performed, we can schedule you with any of the therapists here at Centerpoint Counseling, or assist you in finding a community therapist that best suits your needs. 

Dr. Morris

Centerpoint Counseling Services is pleased to provide medication management services with the help of Dr. Bradbury, MD.