Couples Counseling


Marriage and Couples Counseling

Couples are confronted with many challenges which may include work and family stress, societal expectations, and their own ideas of how relationships ought to work.  Counseling can help you and your partner learn how to listen, validate, and support each others needs.

When circumstances beyond the couples' control - such as mental health disorders or the actions of other family members - are keeping a couple from being close or maintaining daily routines, counseling can help.  Couples learn ways to work together to overcome obstacles and to achieve  stronger and more fulfilling marital bonds.


Discernment Counseling

Do you feel like your marriage is truly on the brink? Perhaps you're not sure your relationship is salvageable, but aren't completely sure divorce is the right path either. If this is the case, then we recommend Dr. Ratcliffe's specialty, Discernment Counseling.

Unlike traditional marriage counseling that assumes both people are willing to work on the marriage, Discernment Counseling helps people decide whether to work on their marriage or continue moving toward divorce.

Unlike individual counseling that usually takes one person's side, the discernment counselor works to understand both partners, even if they see things very differently.

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