Facing Heartbreak


 This group is for partners of those struggling with a problematic sexual behavior or sexual addiction.  Whether the relationship remains intact or separation or even termination occurs, Facing Heartbreak will help those that have been close to those struggling with sexual behaviors.  This group views partners’ experiences through the lens of Betrayal Trauma (see our page “Treatment for Partners” for more information on this and a link to a video explaining more about this) from their partners’ addictive, problematic, and often secretive behaviors.  

The curriculum for this group centers around Facing Heartbreak, Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts.  Topics covered in this group include 

  • The Trauma of Discovery 
  • Manage the Crisis 
  • How to Deal with the Emotional Aftershock
  • The Nature of Sex Addiction 
  • How to Communicate Your Feelings 
  • Make Empowered Choices 
  • Reclaim Your Sexuality 
  • Choose Your Next Steps.  (Carnes, Lee, and Rodriguez, 2015)  

The group meets once each week for 90 minutes. 

Please contact us to register for this group.