Treatment for Partners of Addicts



We at Centerpoint Counseling view the effects of sex and pornography addiction on their partners from the lens of Betrayal Trauma.  This means that partners of the addict experience specific symptoms that are similar to PTSD.  The discovery of addictive behaviors from the person you love can one of the most painful experiences a partner or spouse can ever go through.  The feelings of hurt, confusion, anger, betrayal, and even numbness can be overwhelming.  To understand more about Betrayal Trauma please check out this video.

We are committed to helping partners work through these symptoms and restore a sense of balance and serenity back into their lives, whether or not they decide to stay in the relationship.  Treatment focuses initially on validating the partners’ experiences and feelings they have been exposed to throughout their relationship with an addict.  For those that choose to stay in the relationship, we provide guidance in setting up a self-care plan and a set of “non-negotiables” in dealing with the addictive behaviors that contributed to the trauma experienced and dismantling much of the self-doubt that comes with living with an addict.  All partners deserve the chance to heal and restore hope in their future.  

We offer multiple avenues for receiving this support; individual therapy, group therapy, and couples therapy.  A thorough assessment, called the Inventory of Partner Attachment, Stress, and Trauma (IPAST), is administered and reviewed with each partner.  This process allows us to determine the best course of treatment for each partner’s needs.  Please click below to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our groups.