Sexual Behavior Recovery Groups

  Groups are ongoing.  A group will start when there are enough participants to start a group.  Our groups are closed and confidential, enabling participants to gain the trust of each other and increase the support to each other.  Please contact us for more information about upcoming groups.  


Facing the Shadow

  This group focuses on treatment for those trying to overcome problematic sexual behaviors or addiction.  The curriculum for this group centers around Facing the Shadow by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. and is based on the decades of research he has put into treating sexual addictions.  The workbook covers the first 7 tasks of Carnes’ 30-Task Model for successful, long-term recovery. These tasks cover areas of recovery, such as:

  • Recognizing Self-Delusion, 
  • Understanding Addiction, 
  • Understanding [the individual’s] Behaviors, 
  • Accepting the Problem, 
  • Responding to Change and Crisis, 
  • Managing Life Without Dysfunctional Sexual Behaviors, 
  • Managing the Physical Impact of the behaviors, 
  • Creating Your Support System, 
  • Deepening Recovery for Profound Life Change. (Carnes, 2015)  

This group meets ones each week for 90 minutes.
Please contact us to register for this group. 


Recovery Zone

 Recovery Zone focuses treatment on Tasks 8-19 of the Carnes 30-Task Model.  This group is a continuation of the Facing the Shadow group and deepens the recovery that was achieved in that group.  It is divided into 2 parts.  The first part uses the curriculum from Carnes’ Recovery Zone, vol. 1, Making Changes that Last: The Internal Tasks.  This part helps the individual complete tasks 8-13 and address topics such as addressing anger, anxiety, trauma, fear, and grief and loss.  (Carnes, 2009)  The second part will use the curriculum from Carnes’ Recovery Zone, vol. 2, Achieving Balance in Your Life: The External Tasks.  This part helps the individual complete Tasks 14-19, and includes topics such as how to restore financial viability, rediscover meaningful work, build supportive personal relationships, create lifestyle balance, establish healthy exercise and nutrition patterns, and involve family members in therapy. (Carnes, in print)  This group meets once each week for 90 minutes.


Recovery Start

 The "Recovery Start" is a beginning intensive treatment program to help those who struggle with recurring sexual addictive behaviors.  This program is designed for individuals diagnosed with an active addiction. It includes group and individual therapy. 

Recovery Start includes daily exercises along with the weekly exercises that are processed in the psychotherapy groups. The group meets twice each week for 90 minutes. In addition to attending groups, participants are expected to participate in weekly individual therapy.  

The goal of Recovery Start is to reach 130 days sobriety and develop the insight necessary for lasting recovery. Recovery Start uses the Recovery Start Kit by Patrick Carnes, which includes 3 workbooks as well as exercises and readings from the book Facing the Shadow.