Sexual Addiction Treatment



 Sexual addiction is characterized by out-of-control (compulsive) sexual behavior with marked consequences.  The sex addict typically cycles through an addictive cycle of preoccupation, ritualization, compulsive sexual behavior, and despair (shame).  

Treatment for sexual addiction generally includes relapse prevention, self-awareness, relationship enhancement, and healthy sexuality.  We address all of these issues in our comprehensive and holistic approach to sex addiction treatment. 

Partners of Addicts


 We at Centerpoint Counseling view the effects of sex and pornography addiction on their partners from the lens of Betrayal Trauma.  This means that partners of the addict experience specific symptoms that are similar to PTSD. Helping partners work through these symptoms is our priority.  

Treatment includes validating the partners’ experiences and feelings they have been exposed to throughout their relationship with the addict.  We provide guidance in setting up a self-care plan and a set of non-negotiables in dealing with the addict. 

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Couples Treatment


Marriage or couples counseling for betrayal involving pornography or sex addiction includes specific steps to heal and repair the trust and intimacy between each of  the partners. The critical aspect of recovery from pornography or sex addiction as a couple is in the early stages of repair, as well as long-term planning for the maintenance of this repair.  

Generally, couples therapy is recommended in addition to individual therapy for both partners.